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Heather has a particular interest in creating beautiful spaces that are practical, stylish and as “green” as possible, while taking into account the budget and personality of her clients. A healthy environment is of upmost importance when considering a new project or renovation, both residential or commercial, and that extends to the materials and products used. Heather works to source greener products when possible. She is currently working towards her LEED Green Building Associate designation.

Heather’s connection with creativity started young and evolved into a love of interior design and decorating. Her father was a realtor and she loved being in the model homes and seeing how the designers decorated them. She must have re-arranged and designed her bedroom once a month growing up and always felt very inspired by her spaces and their color and energy. She realized how much of an effect your environment can have on you.

After applying to design school while she was still in high school, she was quickly disillusioned by the high tuition cost so she let go of her dream temporarily and somehow ended up in a corporate career. She attended real estate school but nothing came of it and the years rolled by. After going through stage 4 cancer, she realized life was too short to put off her dream any longer. She finally decided to go for it, go back to school and start her company, Natural Design Co. Her inspiration is drawn from simplistic style, healthy products/materials, beauty, architecture, travel and putting her own touch on mixing styles. A love of spaces, attention to detail, healthy environments, good service and resourcefulness is the driving force behind her projects.

You can trust Natural Design Co. will help you design a space that you feel good in.


Heather has always been health conscious but after going through cancer, she learned all about environmental toxins, chemicals and how much they can affect your health. She loves to create healthy spaces for her clients and their families. Green design is also important since we are using our resources much more quickly that we can generate them. It is better for the health of people and the planet to design this way.


We actively seek out like-minded clients who are open, understanding and ready to co-create a space together (and laugh while doing it), as we’ve found these clients make the best partners. After all, we will be in each others lives A LOT going over concepts, details and ideas (don’t worry, we’ll make it fun). We agree to hold our families in high regard and believe it’s healthy to have boundaries around work/life balance. We promise to dedicate our skill and passion to complete your project with your highest good in mind. We look forward to working with you.

See more on our YouTube channel and other social media sites. We create content on Green Interior Design, DIY, Simple Living + Styling, including eGuides and videos.

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    1. Hi Betsy,

      Thank you & your company sounds amazing! I hope to be able to try your tempeh someday! Best of luck to you with your business and thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

      Xo, heather


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